Senior Front End Developer

Full Time Daresbury Cheshire IT Job Pro UK

What are the responsibilities?

* Development of user-facing elements integrating with RESTful APIs developed by backend developers using Node and AdonisJs

* Writing reusable, testable and efficient code on time and on spec

* Design, estimation and implementation of low-latency, high-availability and performant applications

* Implementation of security and data protection

* Collaborating with Software Engineering teams, QA teams and Project Managers in an Agile environment

Must Have Skills:

* Flutter development of single codebase apps a major advantage

* Strong understanding of frontend technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, React, Redux, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt

* Knowledge of Node.js and frameworks available for it (in particular Express)

* Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming

* Strong understanding of DRY principles and code reuse

* Strong understanding of writing performant code

* Experience working with RESTful APIs

* Experience using databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB

* Understanding accessibility and security compliance

* User authentication and authorisation between multiple systems, servers and environments

* Understanding the differences between synchronous and asynchronous requests

* Understanding fundamental design principles behind a scalable application

* Understanding differences between multiple delivery platforms, such as mobile vs. desktop, and optimising output to match the specific platform

* Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests

* Proficient understanding of code versioning tools such as Git

* Understanding of Agile and sprint-based development

* Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment

* Experience with AWS

* Flutter experience either personal projects or commercially based a major plus

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