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Cloud Engineering Specialist

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Cloud Engineering Specialist

The Cloud Engineering Specialist is pivotal in crafting, executing, and enhancing cloud-based solutions for IT frameworks and digital advancement initiatives. This role focuses on creating secure, scalable cloud environments using cutting-edge technologies to foster innovation, efficiency, and agility. Providing crucial advice to senior management, the Specialist ensures cloud infrastructure alignment with IT and business strategies.


Strategic Planning: Develop operational plans in line with the IT strategy, evaluate current cloud/physical setups, and propose strategies for efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud Architecture: Design and implement robust cloud architectures tailored to business needs, prioritizing security, scalability, and performance.

Migration Management:  Lead and execute smooth migrations of on-premises workloads and applications to cloud environments, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Security and Compliance: Implement strong security controls and compliance measures to safeguard data and assets in the cloud, adhering to industry regulations and internal policies.

Performance Optimization: Continuously monitor and optimize cloud infrastructure and services to enhance performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

DevOps Integration: Collaborate with DevOps teams to integrate cloud services into CI/CD pipelines, enabling automated deployment, testing, and release processes.

Disaster Recovery and High Availability: Design and implement disaster recovery strategies and high availability solutions to ensure business continuity and resilience.

Capacity Planning: Conduct capacity planning exercises to forecast resource requirements and scale cloud infrastructure to accommodate business growth.

Documentation and Knowledge Sharing: Develop comprehensive documentation and best practice guides for cloud environments, sharing expertise with IT teams to facilitate effective cloud technology management.


Experience in architecting, implementing, and managing cloud solutions in enterprise environments.

Project management experience, coordinating across multiple teams.

Expertise in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP.

Proficiency in infrastructure as code (IaC) tools and automation frameworks.

Strong understanding of cloud security best practices and compliance standards.

Experience with containerization technologies and microservices architecture.

Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot complex cloud infrastructure issues and optimize performance.



Hybrid working – 2 days office based

Flexible working

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Cloud Engineering Specialist

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