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NET Developer


A £20m project that is 3 years into the first stage of the delivery of 24/7 online eCommerce platform for a multibillion-pound client. While this has been in development for a number of years there are still many greenfield projects to be involved in from the very start to finish of the project.

This project from the very beginning as been run by people who are, have been developers which has allowed them to focus on quality from very the very beginning of the build.

This mean you will join establised teams, structures and ways of working which allow you to take on the task as hand.

With migrations, integrations and full build of new parts to this platform you you will be involved in the cuting edge of online platform development from the beginning.


I know it is often difficult to understand or convey a new company to you, whether it is the culture or just the day to day. I have had the luxury of working alongside and onsite with them for the best part of 3 years which allowed to know the below for myself.

Employees are the centre of what they do, whether it lunches, days out, nights out, management courses or activities onsite to keep employees engaged and working and playing together that is exactly what they do.

They all love technology and are working towards a common goal which is to make the company successful for years and years to come

Whether you are the MD a Project Manager or a developer each person's opinion is just as valid and will be taken into consideration, after all, everyone is there for the knowledge and skills to give the company that advice and it shows day to day.

They operate within a regulated industry which is 24/7, so all elements to the platform and databse will be accessed all day every day all around the world. This means it's a highly regulated and highly transactional environment.

What technology is involved in the project?

They have been using .NET Core for backend development

OOP has been at their forefront of all their development pojects
WebServices, WebAPI, WCF
SQL, MYSQL.NET Developer

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