Machine Learning Engineer

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The Engineer/Developer will work within a development pod producing a reusable service and components for the Data Analytics team. They will have a strong knowledge of python, software development and DevOps approaches, experience with CI/CD Pipelines and Infrastructure as code, exposure to other common languages in use in DA (C#/.NET, javascript/typescript (Angular/React), powershell) and have worked with machine learning and data-driven solutions, so that they can assess the impediments to the data science workflow, propose and validate solutions, and deliver a robust improvement to that workflow.

They will work in a small cross-functional development pod, engaging other teams within data analytics and the wider Anglo American organisation to accelerate value delivery and improve the robustness of data-driven solutions.

We are looking for someone who has experience both in developing modelling approaches suitable for production environments, as well as the approaches for integrating and deploying them into a wider application or service.

The candidate will have the following skills at the described levels:

* Data and Analytics Solution Delivery – PROFICIENT

* Mathematical and statistical modelling – COMPETENT

* System Architecture/Design – COMPETENT


* Machine Learning – COMPETENT



* Cloud Computing & AzureML – COMPETENT

*Work with Data Scientists to develop modelling approaches

* Work across the development pod to help integrate the model into the solution/service

*Advanced Analytics

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