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Role: Account Manager
Location: 2 days a week in the office in Warwickshire
Salary: Between £25K-£27K
“Captain’s log. Day 632. Planet Earth. It’s been almost 2 years since the wipeout. This once thriving and colourful planet has now been reduced to nothing but barren land and waste. The consequences of our ignorance. We were warned, if we didn’t make a change, we’d face… drastic repercussions. The land is dry, the Arctic has melted. Livestock is scarce and our crops will not grow. My crew are hungry but resilient. The other people have long lost hope, but still, we continue this search for a way to salvation. I question If we can achieve complete restoration of this planet, but even in fear I must remain strong. Collectively, we will come back. The future of our Earth relies on it.”
I’m currently working with a large environmental consultancy to find young, talented, and passionate people to work alongside them and join their efforts towards making companies and businesses more aware of how their actions affect the world, and what to do to be more sustainable. The company is constantly growing, especially within their data department which has spanned from 40 to 90 over the last couple of years. They’ve seen a wealth of success in their projects and it’s all down to one thing; their love and concern for the world around them. They’re looking for Graduates to take up an Account management position that involves:
* Assisting the delivery of accurate and timely data.
* Articulating data-driven reports for analysis and resolution.
* Advise clients on how to comply with environmental legislation.
* Giving insight as to how they can mitigate waste, recycle, and handle packaging to make meaningful changes to the environment.
* Building knowledge of different regulations through research and building relationships with contacts.
* Articulating complex data back to the customers in a simple format.
* Manipulating and analysing large sets of data.
Everything about this role is beneficial to both you and the world around you. Remember, not all superheroes wear capes. Climate change is real, and it won’t stop until YOU opt to find ways to stop it. So, if you’re tired of working on theory, and want to get your hands stuck in tackling real-world problems, then keep reading!
Here are some points to find out if you’d be a good fit
* Great attention to detail, problem-solving and analytical skills.
* Proficiency with Microsoft Excel (not essential, but advantageous)
* Graduate degree with a minimum upper second-class grade, in a study relative to environment/data e.g., Geography, Mathematics, Economics, and sciences.
* Assured, outgoing, friendly personality who can work with customers and engage in relationship building. If you’ve worked in customer service previously this would be ideal.
The salary for the role is between £25K-£27K. However, there’s plenty of room to grow and expand into either of their 4 pathways: Consultancy, Management, data, and customers. Their office is in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and they need you to be in the office once/twice a week to begin with, once you can work independently, you’ll be allowed a lot more flexibility to work from home more often 😁
Interested? Give me a call!! ✊
We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background


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Tiddington, Warwickshire Location
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