Data Centre Engineer

Full Time Berkshire IT Job Pro UK

Purpose and primary objectives:

* Experience of Data centre engineer/Windows Administrator/Infrastructure engineer

* Enthusiastic, self-motivated & takes direction well to learn & grow.

* A great team player

* Excellent customer service skills required

* Good written & oral communication skills

Key Skills/Knowledge:

* Strong knowledge of Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows Client and Server operating systems (Latest & Legacy)

* Knowledge & experience working with/supporting gaming hardware would be beneficial i.e. Custom builds including CPUs, PSUs, GPUs & Storage etc.

* Familiarity with the network protocols, network systems, DNS, DHCP & Active Directory

* Strong understanding of Microsoft products, software lifecycle methodology, and information systems development

* Racking, installation, and support of hardware: Networking equipment, servers/workstations, desktops, games consoles, phones, etc

* Configuration and deployment of OS images and additional software, as needed, to servers, PC’s and devices mainly using Microsoft deployment products such as WDS and SCCM

* Asset Tracking & Maintaining Inventory

* Experience in virtual environments preferably with Hyper-V and System Centre Suite

* Monitoring the health and performance of all Windows infrastructure to ensure service availability and Security patching compliance

* Good experience with working through Power Shell Scripting and creating new scripts

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