C# .Net Developer

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Location; Office is based in Sandiacre, Nottinghamshire. Currently remote, and POST COVID they offer 2 days/ week WFH.

C# and ASP.Net are where you live.

You’re comfortable there; you got your foundations right at the start with good development practices, and have since built a strong and secure career by learning about handy tools such as dependency injection, microservices, containerisation, etc.

You use cloud hosting like AWS to reduce your overheads and improve efficiencies.

For those mundane, repeatable tasks, you use design patterns, to make sure you do the same thing in the same way, every time, so your house doesn’t fall down due to shoddy, unpredictable work.

Whilst you use modern tech, practices, and techniques, you have been in the development game for long enough to be able to read, understand, and convert an older codebase (.Net 4, MVC, etc) to a new, shiny version (.Net Core, PostgreSQL, AWS etc) seamlessly. You know what the newer stuff does best, and ways to incorporate that in the rewrite.

Finally, you’re great at understanding what your users want out of your solution because you’ve got great communication skills and ask the RIGHT questions! Doesn’t matter if they’re internal or external- you are good with people.

Now, you need a new role to put all this knowledge and experience to great use, which – if you hadn’t guessed already – is where this role comes in.

If the above describes you, this is the role for you.

The company is small and nimble; they can make development choices quickly and efficiently, everyone knows each other well, are intelligent people that like to have a laugh along the way!

They are quite a young company, so even their legacy code isn’t very old. They make a point of leveraging the best tech out there to make sure their products are the best they can be- well-written, functional, and reliable.

They have a flagship product and an additional one; this role will be initially seeing you work on the additional one; liaising with internal stakeholders (the product’s current users) to do a revamp of the codebase to bring it up to the latest iteration of .Net Core 5, improve its functionality, and to use a more appropriate database- PostgreSQL. You will then most likely work on the flagship product, which uses .Net Core 4/5, AWS, Microservices, Docker, etc.

If this sounds right up your street, apply now or drop me a line to find out more about your new role

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