Senior Web Developer

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We are looking for a Senior Web Developer to join a small team just south of Cambridge. You will understand the principles of software development and readily contribute ideas over expertise with any particular technology. Ideally you will have experience in similar scenarios with remote IoT hardware and different software applications working together.


* Comprehensive understanding of the full stack software development lifecycle
* Knowledge of C#, .Net, MVC, Azure (or other similar cloud services), SQL and Cosmos technologies
* Able to produce high quality, scalable, cohesive, testable, and readily deployable source code to defined functional, performance and security specifications and patterns
* Able to visualise location and event time series data into actionable information
* Experience of systems with high transaction rate relational and document databases ingesting real time data from IoT devices
* Able to design and build excellent web user experiences.
* First-class interpersonal skills with an open and collaborative approach

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