Senior Development Manager – Software Engineering

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My client is looking for a Senior Development Manager – Software Engineering to be at the heart of their business and work closely with the Head of Technology, senior management and the product team. It’s a challenging management role where you will need to understand business goals, software engineering and people. You will enable the software engineers to focus on engineering and operate effectively on their projects, while supporting them to develop in their roles and be happy and motivated at work.

This is not a role that will require coding or deep engagement in the technical projects themselves; that will be done by the technical leads, the project teams, product managers and scrum masters.

You can think of this role as performing the same function that oil brings to an engine. It enables the parts of the engine to work effectively together, removing friction, allowing it to travel smoothly in the direction its pointed.

What are the responsibilities?

People management

The engineers will report directly into you, with your remit being the activities listed below.

Engineers will ‘dotted line’ report into their respective project or functional lead, who will own and direct technical activity and daily work.

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ and the technical leads will want to engage and support people management to differing degrees. You will work with closely with the technical leads to identify how best you work with them and the broader engineering team.

Your people management responsibilities include:

* Ensure people are empowered and enabled to do their jobs to the best of their ability

* Support recruitment & onboarding/offboarding

* Focus on enabling employee retention and job satisfaction

* Support the HoT in building and maintaining a team of high-performing and motivated engineers

* Ensure that engineers personal development objectives are set in collaboration with the technical leads

* Support with engineer training & talent development

* Support team and individual wellbeing

* Support performance management in collaboration with technical leads

* Organise team events & create a sense of community

Enabling Engineering & Product Development

As well as engineering, you will be working closely with the senior management team, particularly the head of the business, the product team, and Group HR.

You will be supporting:

* Communication & knowledge sharing on all topics relevant to the engineering team

* Team processes, practices and knowledge management

* Ensuring project objectives are clear to engineers (set by technical and project leads)

* Identifying gaps between business objectives and engineering understanding

* Facilitating the smooth transfer of engineers between projects when such events happen

* Supporting handover of activities and knowledge in the event of onboarding or offboarding

* Sharing priorities, issues, and open actions relating to the engineering team

* Collecting and distribution of appropriate reports from engineering or product leads regarding people, process, or product metrics

You will have a:

* Relevant degree or professional level qualification

* Analytical, organised, and effective approach to setting priorities

* High level of comfort working with, and supporting software engineers

* Strong relationship management background

* Experience managing and resolving conflict

* Confident approach to communication and negotiation

You will be experienced in some or all of:

* Software engineering practices

* Agile product development

* Communicating effectively to senior stakeholders

* Matrix structures and management

* Leading people development

* Project management

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