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Senior Data Scientist – £40,(Apply online only) competitive benefits – Full time (remote working also), Leicestershire, UK.

You’ve spent years developing yourself into a well-rounded data scientist with a high level of expertise in your field. Your perception and analytical skills are the make or break for whichever projects you’ve previously worked in. You pride yourself on combining computer science, statistics, analytics and math in order to help organisations make key decisions. You now want to take all the experience you have accumulated and use it somewhere where you can expand and help others to develop themselves too.

If this sounds like you, I’ve got what you’re looking for!

I’m currently looking for a Senior Data Scientist that has at least 4+ years of experience. I need someone who works proactively to create high-performing data analytics and algorithms, as well as optimising the existing ones. You will be granted freedom and flexibility in your work, leading and governing your own responsibilities to meet company goals and expectations. Working in an agile environment, the company follows a unbureaucratic structure that allows for short decision making and less meetings so you can really maximise your productivity. Creating actionable insights and metrics is crucial for this role, as your advice and experiments will sculpt new features that will be delivered to their users. Their technical stack consists of Python, Time series, Classification algorithms, Scikit-learn or similar, Pandas and Git.

So, about the company. They’re a hard-working set of Engineers based in Leicestershire, with a mission to create pathways for athletes, through data analytics. Their ethos is to push all boundaries in order to make data and analytics more accessible through the use of predictive and optimised applications on Mobile phones and wearable technologies. You’ll be working with a team of 10-15 of the best, however this company is very adamant on providing you with freedom and space to work your magic. It is your responsibility to work both as a part of a team and individually to create and develop high-quality end to end solutions to existing mobile apps. It’s all about becoming better, and the flexible workforce allows you to work at your own pace, to the best of your ability. Between you, the backend developers and the firmware engineers, it is expected that you collaborate to bring new ideas to the team that will benefit athletes in their training.

The salary is around £40,000+ (depending on experience), but there’s also competitive bonuses up for grabs. The role is full time, and remote working can also be considered. Need I say more?

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