R&D Software Engineer; Algorithms, DSP, C++, Oxford

Full Time Oxfordshire IT Job Pro UK

R&D (C++) Position for a scientist or software engineer to research algorithms and feasibility to software release. Develop next generation algorithms and compile code in C++ for virtual applications.

Software Engineers/Scientists will research new ideas, develop concepts and undertake investigative / feasibility work to develop and prove software algorithms and processing systems for data.

Develop and implement algorithms (including Kalman filters) and processing systems in software (C/C++ and other languages as needed). Requires knowledge of operating systems, including POSIX standard operating systems. Write test harness software to validate software.

Develop software, post-process and real-time, covering the full software life-cycle. Capture customer/user requirements, then design, develop, test and maintain software, including release process, version control of software releases, and bug management.

Software Engineers/Scientists will ideally have a PhD in Physics or Computer Science or Electronic Engineering or Maths

Any DSP/filter design experience will be advantageous

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