Mobile Application Developer

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Mobile Application Developer,

Our clients are a Multi-award winning IT Solutions company, who are working on technologies such as, AI, M2M Learning, IOT, Contact Centre applications, Managed solutions, Web / Internet Security, Project Management, Data Applications, are SEEKING talented "Mobile Application Developers, with a solid educational background.


* Understanding the client requirements and designing an appropriate solution

* Write code in appropriate languages and toolsets, principally targeting iOS and Android devices

* Design the architecture of new application components and APIs.

* Develop applications and features to meet customer/project requirements.

* Develop applications to certify on 3rd party marketplaces, e.g. iOS App Store, Google Play

* Use the approved methodology/process eg Agile.

* Thoroughly test new features or developments to make sure they perform the desired task correctly in all cases. Test sites / applications in different environments as necessary.

* Work with Quality Assurance teams/processes to validate builds ready for launch.

* The ability to learn quickly and keep up to date with relevant technologies.

Ensure appropriate documentation/updates are provided to relevant colleagues/customers.

Person Profile: Mobile Application Developer

Bachelors Degree in a STEM, Computer Science or related subject, preferably from a Leading University

Experience in Xamarin development.

Good experience of developing commercial projects/applications for either iOS or Android with a minimum of two years’ experience.

Good experience in relevant programming languages (Java, Python, Objective-C, C++)

Experience in source control, in particular Git

Experience working with an Agile environment, in particular Scrum, and applying supporting practices such as TDD (Test Driven Development), CI/CD

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