Lamp Developer

Full Time Greater Manchester IT Job Pro UK

-Build, secure and manage software platforms to run Semestry products for customers
-Manage configuration.
-Design, build, manage and secure infrastructure around software platforms.
-Purchase and manage licences and subscriptions for customers and employees
-Assist the Professional Services team with implementation (of Semestry products), including data import and IDM/SSO integration
-Facilitate use of the TermTime API by helping the Development team establish standards for API use, by understanding the business processes and technologies used by customers, developing documentation of objects, flows and implementation design.
-Monitor and manage Semestry products to deliver services to customer that are cost efficient, available, reliable, scaled appropriately for customer and secure (this will require ‘out of hours’ on call cover)
-Control access to customer data and implement company policies for GDPR.
-Provide data backups and recovery to customers and manage security incidents. Design and implement disaster recover procedures.
-Manage changes, apply updates and perform deployments of customer services (this will require ‘out of hours’ work).
-Provide reporting and technical advice to, and participate in, various meetings with senior management and other Semestry teams.
Technical requirements:
•Amazon AWS or other major cloud platforms.
•LAMP application hosting (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)
•Running highly available web applications, based on PHP and Java.
•DevOps, CI and CD.
•Terraform, Cloudformation, Ansible and/or similar techniques.
•Database management of MySQL and PostgreSQL servers, including replication and high-availability setups.
•Debian/Ubuntu Linux.
•Containerization, Docker and orchestration software like Kubernetes or Nomad.
•Monitoring and management tools, like Prometheus, Elasticsearch, Grafana, Loki, CloudWatch, Zabbix and/or similar utilities.
•Networking, including TCP/IP/IPv6, DNS, load balancers, API gateway and reverse proxies.
•Some technical management skills to give direction to a team of 3 people

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