Data Migration Consultant

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Data Migration Consultant manages all data conversion efforts from legacy student information systems into Unit4 Student Management. Responsibilities include:

* Partnering with customers as well as Project Managers, functional implementation consultants, and reporting consultants on one or more project teams, you will be the primary knowledge source for converting data from legacy systems and spreadsheets into U4SM and have overall responsibility for data conversion activities on the project(s).

* Converting and preparing data import files to be loaded into U4SM using available loading tools and validate the data.

* Create ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) scripts to transform and load data into U4SM

* Assisting clients in mapping legacy data and identifying data quality issues

* Updating validation matrix to ensure that all data checks have been identified and are performed in a consistent and thorough manner

* Lead the validation of data loaded into U4SM and communicate with project and client team to ensure data anomalies are identified and resolved

* Lead the identification of process improvements and changes to our methodology based on project experience

* Contribute to the development of and further enhancement of available ETL tools in an effort to standardize and streamline data conversion practices

* Collaborate with client counterpart to successfully deliver on shared objectives

* Responsible for timely identification and escalation of risks and development of alternative technical and functional approaches when necessary

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